3 Grip Sizes Combined With Wright Balance® Express Exercise Research Protocol

Below is a RESEARCH PROTOCOL testing Grip Size and the Wright Balance® Express Exercises. The purpose of this research was to determine the cumulative impact of doing the Wright Balance® »

Bioengineering Grip Size, Stance Width, & Core Symmetry via a 2 Minute Tensegrity Exercise

Notice in the following illustration (circa 1988) that PGA Tour Professional, Nick Faldo, has a lower right shoulder and his left hand internally rotates. The internal rotation of his left »

John Lawson, PGA World Class Club Fitting in Paris

Wright Balance Professional John Lawson is originally from England. He was a European Tour Professional until early 2000s when he moved from playing to teaching and club fitting. He relocated »

How to Measure and use the Wright Balance® APP Measurement System

Go to either the Apple or Google Store to Download the Wright Balance APP After you download the APP, the APP must be activated by a Wright Balance staff member. »

Keeping the Club in Front of You During the Swing

"What does keep the club in front of you mean?" Let's take a look at a simple self-test to determine if the club is in front of you »