Wright Balance® Certification Outline Naples, FL April, 2022

BALANCE "In every athletic activity, success seems to be unquestionably proportional to the player's sense of balance and force whether innate or acquired. Off-balance force is notoriously erratic. The »

Finding Your 8 Inch Stance Width Range

What does Stance Width Range mean? Every person has a Stance Width Range of 8 inches depending on their playing Core Region. The Upper Core region will have the narrowest »

Body Measurements Backup When APP is in Maintenance or Otherwise Unavailable

If the Wright Balance APP is unavailable please use the following by registering at www.wrightbalancetechnology.com and complete the entire profile. Upon completing your registration, please contact your Wright »

Bioengineering Trail Arm Delivery

In the continued emergence of Wright Balance technology we have discovered that we can bioengineer most players to create a trail arm delivery that fits their desired Core Region swing. »

Matching Characteristics of Center of Mass, Hip Turn and Lead Knee at the Top of the Swing by Core Region

Upper Core Characteristics The Upper Core player's hip turn is the greatest of the three Core Regions. A signature of the Upper Core Swing at the top is in the »