Dr. David Wright

25 Year Faculty Member USC School of Medicine; Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher; Top 25 Golf School; Inducted into the CA PGA Teaching Hall of Fame, 2017; Owner, President, Wright Balance, Inc.
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Keeping the Club in Front of You During the Swing

"What does keep the club in front of you mean?" Let's take a look at a simple self-test to determine if the club is in front of you »

Wright Balance® Lessons Part 1

A Guide for the Wright Balance® Teaching Professional The following should be covered in your first few lessons with your student. I generally schedule 1.5 hours to assess my »

Validating Your Results Using Posture by Core Region

Validating your client's results is important for them to understand the accuracy of the measurements. These are the measurements they will be using for their Wright Balance® Express for Core »

How To Measure (Chinese Translation)

How to Measure Your Student 如何测量你的学员 Your Client must join before you can measure them. One of the most common issues new Wright Balance Professionals face is not having their »

Wright Balance®Core Optimization via Tensegrity Exercises

This Lesson Covers the use of the Wright Balance Express and Optimization prior to systematically building and balancing the Core Muscles. Before I begin Illustrations of that process, let's take »